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Thousands of companies in multiple industries worldwide have taken advantage of ENOVIA's collaborative capabilities.

ENOVIA PLM software delivers results and solutions to companies of all sizes, from large enterprises and small and medium businesses.

Exalead OnePart

Engineers and designers are confronted with an information challenge: the search for existing parts, CAD files, data and related information takes too much time. Instead of finding a part to reuse, it’s become faster to create a new part, costing the organization needles time and money.

The solution? EXALEAD OnePart searchers for and discovers legacy data assets managed by design and engineering functions, offering:

Search of existing CAD files and related information
Discovery of hidden information
Shape Search to find similar parts
Rapid reuse of 2D and 3D data

Big Data

Big Data is everywhere today: in constant streams of data flowing from networked machines, in data warehouses, in legacy apps and mainframes, on the Web...

Accordingly, the first challenge in extracting value from Big Data is getting it into a repository where you can exploit it without impacting your existing operations.

To meet this challenge, EXALEAD offers a powerful portfolio of connectors to unstructured and structured Big Data sources inside and outside the enterprise.

The second challenge is integrating multiple data sources in an automated, industrial way to transform raw, heterogeneous data into action-guiding wisdom.

To this end, EXALEAD features a powerful semantic processing pipeline for meaningfully structuring and enriching unstructured content and correlating it with structured data.

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